Matt Cox relexes after his exams by Windsyrfing at Hayling Island

February 28th, 2012 Posted in Blog


Matt Cox reports on a good windsurfing day at Hayling Island  after a long period of 48 days off the water due to exams at just the wrong time for the wind.

Lent before Lent

Finally got out windsurfing after the longest combined wind drought and Exam time period EVER!

When we rolled up to the seafront at Hayling at about 11ish the tide was just dropping to reveal the sandbar so my hopes where up on getting some small south-coast waves unfortunately this wasn’t to be and instead the sea turned flatter and flatter.  The wind was there though and getting stronger by the minute. Not exactly what I had set my hopes on but not bad for a cold February morning.

At the start of the session there were a few ramps for attempting tabletops and forwards but after about an hour on the water the wind was pushing 35knots and it was full on survival sailing on my 4.7.

Overall a decent foray into the water after such a long time away from the action, looking forward to more days like this or hopefully with proper waves (fingers crossed)