A fact from Spartan – Single lined suits are warmer

March 14th, 2012 Posted in Blog

At Spartan we understand that we all want to make the most of the good days on the water. A warm suit will keep you out there longer as it is not just about feeling the cold it is also about the energy used in keeping warm rather than enjoying your sport.

We have tested all materials with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and have reached some informed conclusions which we hope will be of interest and lay the very solid foundation behind our wetsuit development.

We have proven that double lined suits are much colder than Single lined or Mesh suits. A mesh suit will always allow the water to run off and prevent evaporation and wind chill. Whilst a double lined suit no matter how it is prepared will always suffer from the cooling effect. However, for the surfer on a glassy day with no wind then the double lined suit is as good as the mesh suit. Surfing tends to be much better when there is no wind, but as soon as you get up to just force 2 there is a huge difference in the performance of a single lined suit compared to the relative poor performance of the double lined suit.

We also looked at flush and disproved the ‘Old Wives Tail’ that a layer of water is required to make the suit work.  The NPL looked at this in detail and our conclusion was that each water flush burnt valuable energy so the less water that enters the suit the better. So here at Spartan we spend a lot of time designing suits that do not flush.

So the final part of the plan is to make the suits so comfortable that you can spend the whole day in the suit without rubbing, itching or restriction. We are all keen enthusiasts and spend a lot of time in our suits making sure that they are comfortable, we are often the instructors choice of wetsuit. An example of this planning would include the room we allow at the top of the bicep and along the forearm which is why we have worked so hard on our cuff system see http://www.spartanwetsuits.com/products/winter-range/reflex/

We design panels that offer protection and durability whilst allowing a very free movement. Our suits are known to last a very long time. It is very common to still see a 10 year old OTT. Today we use much softer materials and the suits will not last that long, we expect 5 years of regular use to be about right. I am wearing a 3 year old Reflex to see how long it lasts and it is still perfect. If you ever nick a mesh suit the repair is very simple and you can always call us on 01206 381 747 for advice.

Spartan ‘Warm to the Core’

Reflex Silver line - overhead barrier, fire wall, mesh 5/4/3 triple glued, WRS