Rachel Horton reviews Roadford

May 8th, 2012 Posted in Blog




As part of winter training I have go with the south/south west zone squad to Roadford Lake in Devon. At our training weekend it was really windy and because of being a lake meant it was really gusty as well. As it was so windy we were only allowed in three groups which had about 6 or 7 people in each.

We were practicing carve gybes and with the amount of wind and the gust it was hard to do so at times. Both days most people dropped down sail size.


From the shore it didn’t seem as windy as it was, when we launched it seemed as light as five knots and when we got out there it got to 39 knots! When we were practicing our carve gybes we had to bouys that we gybed around each end. It was really good fun, even though some sails ended up with holes in them.


As we had three groups there were two on land doing theory which we went through rules, steps of a carve gybe and loads more.


At the end of the weekend the wind had dropped off a bit to let out everyone at once where we did as slalom race together. But where the wind had dropped of we could have all been on our normal sails as we would have gone a lot faster.