Single lined neoprene the only defence against a chilling breeze

June 12th, 2012 Posted in Blog

Single Lined Neoprene the experts choice for windsports

Looking at the statistics about wind chill compared to wind speed over a range of temperatures demonstrates why you need a warm wetsuit for the varying conditions.

Consider this information:- In round numbers a mans average daily intake of food will give you enough energy to heat 1 litre of water 1degree.
Every time you fall in you would have to start that process every time.
Single lined is 40% warmer on average than double lined in a force 4. Drops lots as you go up windspeed, see attached wind speed PNG.
If core temp drops 2degrees then you are into severe hypothermia as can be seen on the cold stress document.

It is clear that to make the most of the normal UK conditions that you need a warm proper fitting wetsuit. The more comfortable the single lined suit all the better, but the number 1 priority is to protect yourself from the cold elements


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