Spartan suits: The perfect boot for a motorcycle rider

There is nothing disgusting like being anxious for a ride only it to be cut short simply because of a poor quality motorcycle riding gear. Spartan suits are perfect boots when riding irrespective of the weather and terrain. The lower limbs need protection from wind, rain, and debris while riding on a rugged landscape. At the same time, during an accident, they act as a protective gear. Spartan is a renowned brand for high quality short and long boots. In as much as we love biking, safety and protection are key.

 Spartan is a company formed as a learning lesson when one of their own had to die for the simple reason of lack of quality gear. They vowed that will be the first and the last case. Since then, they have never looked back. In social media circles, when there is any inquiry about suits and other motorcycle equipments (, the first name that gets more mentions is Spartan.

The founders are inspired by integrity, professionalism, courage and honor. Over the years they have mastered the art to become a renowned brand in the industry. The fact that it is designed by professional bikers who are the main recipients of injuries. Their products are based on extensive research and outsourcing of quality material. Use Spartan products and be part of comfort and flexibility in riding experience.

What makes Spartan suits to stand out?

Thermal regulation

The material used in the development is able to regulate temperature enhancing your comfort. When it is too hot, it allows reflection of heat while when it is cold it absorbs heat to keep you warm for that motorcycle ride during the winter season.

Ventilation panels

The suits have a way of allowing free flow of air to keep you fresh throughout your riding time.
In addition, the ventilation zips are lockable to keep you warm when required.

Water and shock proof

Riding is an outdoor event prone to rains and shocks especially when on a rough terrain. The suits have a waterproof outer layer and a smooth inner lining to keep you warm for a classic riding experience.


A unique pattern of the Spartan motorcycle gear business, they meet the demand of different customers based on their level of income. Although, the cheaper the suits the lower the quality, though it will serve you.

Diverse sizes

Whether you are short, medium or tall you cannot miss getting your Spartan suit in the store. In extreme cases, they have to take your measurement and make a special suit for you.

Customer care experience

Their customer care personnel have a thumbs up in enabling the business to grow to greater heights. How they handle queries and deal with manufacturers defects is superb.

B2B sale completion

Their website is a complete sales process. You can order and pay online while you track your shipment from the comfort of your computer. What a simpler way of handling international clients. The Spartan suit has defined quality in the supply of motorcycle gear. Their diverse stocks meets their Clients’ expectations.