About Us

Spartan began making Wetsuits in 1958. Over half a century of testing and development has resulted in producing the ultimate warmth and comfort in a suit. Spartan Wetsuits is a British company that has been going from strength to strength with its reputation for warm comfortable affordable suits. Our wide range of Pro team riders using our suits is the testament to this.

Our philosophy is all about more time on the water, stay warm, be comfortable and make the most of the time that you have to be out enjoying your water sports.  At Spartan we all windsurf, surf, paddle board, water ski, wakeboard and kite surf, this means we really understand what our suits must go through and what we all experience out on the water. Research and design are continuous at Spartan.

All our research and testing is completed in the cold waters of the UK, not in some tropical paradise whose most miserable conditions are still warmer than an average British summer’s day.