Our Products

Manufacturers of premium quality wetsuits since 1958

At Spartan, we do things differently. All our research and testing is completed in the cold waters of the UK, not in some tropical paradise whose most miserable conditions are still warmer than an average British summer’s day.

Building on 50 years of history and development we have engineered this new range of suits to raise Spartan’s glowing reputation in wetsuit construction to even greater heights.
Using feedback from our sponsored riders and development team we have created wetsuits that give maximum warmth, flexibility, and comfort by using only the best construction, materials and features.

All aspects of the new Spartan range of high-performance wetsuits have been analyzed, tested, checked and double-checked. The attention to detail has been obsessive.

Thanks to this fanatical approach we have managed to achieve:

  • Flexibility and movement to compliment the specific sports.
  • Maximum warmth/comfort in extreme weather conditions

The sign of a good wetsuit is one that allows you to regulate your temperature over a wide range of air and water temperatures. Hence our R and D team tests our suits extensively all year round at home and abroad in the extremes of hot and cold water.