Reflex 5/4/3
Reflex 5/4/3 Reflex 5/4/3 Reflex 5/4/3

Reflex 5/4/3

Reflex, vertical, zipped overhead barrier sealed suit. The chest lining has a specialist thermal material using the same technology as used in cold weather, technical, sports clothing. Combined with the refined panel layout, adjustable neck seal, water entry to the suit is kept to an absolute minimum; this suit allows maximum flexibility and warmth. New yamamoto neoprene for maximum warth and comfort.

Reflex 5/4/3 RRP £279.00 and UK produced Custom suits £350

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  • 2015 UPDATE. New model with reduced neopene count. Last year was 16 now 8 different types of neoprene.
  • 3D Profile: Neoprene is formed to create your body shape, and be comfortable on the water.
  • UPDATE 2013/14 model. Now with yamamoto neoprene. The best you can get.
  • Smooth skin Neoprene: Greatest resistance to wind chill.
  • Xtend arm panels: Super flexible arm panels that work with your natural body movement.
  • Overhead Barrier zip seal system: No water penetration through zip area, ensuring minimum flush creating an extra seal around the zip and neck.
  • Warm chest lining: Wicks away moisture keeping you warm and dry.
  • Sealed seams: Eliminates water entry via the seams.
  • Water sports neck: Reduces water entry and extends seasonal use.
  • New Compound knee pad: Comfortable, flexible and durable.
  • New leg drainage: One-way drain holes in calf, stops water ballooning in lower leg.
  • Enhanced Neoprene layout: Very warm and durable.
  • Over head barrier
  • Cuff seals and smooth glide materials
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