I began windsurfing when I was 21, fast tracking to be an instructor and luckily did my first season teaching in Egypt.  Since then I have traveled to Tobago, South Africa and many locations in Egypt to work and windsurf, as well as some great UK sessions in between.  I am now a freelance advanced instructor and windsurf photographer, and together with Phil Richards have set up, running clinics, private coaching and promoting the windsurf photos.  Working in the industry allows me to get so much more time on the water than I could otherwise and also appreciate and enjoy the way the sport and equipment is constantly developing to make windsurfing easier and more fun. I am excited to be able to test and help with the development of Spartan products, and get these awesome warm wetsuits much more well known and used.

Later this year we are heading to the Canary Islands and hope to start work over there next and get stuck into some wave sailing again!  I love the sport and where it takes me, and am really excited to be part of the Spartan team.


  • Sail #:
  • Age: 26
  • Nationality: British
  • Residence: Hertfordshire & Dahab
  • Debut: Fanatic, Spartan, Severne


Danielle Lucas